Black Knight British Columbia Junior Elite U19 Doubles Finals Badminton


Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Black Knight British Columbia Junior Elite U19 Doubles Finals Badminton”

  1. Jevant Mendez

    24:07 dat rally :O

  2. Jonathan Seah

    This is not elite mate, come play against us malaysians!

  3. ネットプレイな日々


  4. ShuttleChannel

    Denmark is probably the best European badminton country, and one of the
    best in the world, so I would imagine the level of badminton there is
    higher than in British Columbia.

  5. Charles Francis

    please show us your great skills upload a video

  6. mukubai

    Giving so much points on serves…….. zzzz.

  7. oaklandcaliboyz

    This ain’t good. Over sea u19 way better they more like D lever r C in

  8. Crimson Path

    Nyl Yakura owns

  9. Ryan PB

    WOW! The u19s who play at my club are better than this! They’re not elite!

  10. FinalSe7eN

    I saw a petty girl sitting there 0____0

  11. bob lee

    u19…damn they look like twenties already and I’m also talking about the

  12. KingPin1254

    wow really good what age are these kids ?

  13. hariz Serkan

    02:42 right side~ hit the girl hehehehe EPIC !!

  14. lilyaks

    why thank you

  15. QuisBlog

    lots of mistakes but getting there slowly 🙂

  16. Roman Kawous

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    nothing was coming. btw!but ye my senior in gym daily having this secret
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  17. 陳 太鞍


  18. bruce lee

    same as LABC, there is always a lot of Cantonese behind

  19. biolumate

    … this is u19? i am disappoint.

  20. Flyerboi333

    Who dat Duncan guy! SO EPIC!

  21. Leji

    epic dives are epic!

  22. J_Noodles

    those dives were epic!

  23. Alec Wong

    Haha in the background u can here the mum’s speaking in cantonese probably
    trading embarrassing stories of their children >.<

  24. PkDiuLay

    I can hear some cantonese in background la hahaha

  25. lucisek7777777

    it’s category U19, it means the kids are under the 19, because when they
    have 19 years, they can’t play this category (i think they can play U21).