Badminton Women’s Singles Medal Matches – Bronze – India v China Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games


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11 Responses to “Badminton Women’s Singles Medal Matches – Bronze – India v China Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games”

  1. Jagadesh S

    Sports is just a part of life…

  2. Jagadesh S

    Eating meat can give instant energy but it ll lose in minutes, but Eating Vegeterian gives Stamina lasts for days.

  3. Jagadesh S

    I am a indian, but i love wang xin much more.

  4. Sairam Sunkam

    This a terrible win for india….and i’m indian.

  5. Ram Kumar

    Each and every parent in india wants their children to go for studies and they will allow you to sports just for hobby. A sport is secondary for them as they are thinking this will not give you a good career as if your studies and a job do. But In china, they have separate system which builds and take care of you. Even if you retire from the sport, they will give you pension. But In india, due to lack of system, only who does well in sports will be cared with huge money. Not everybody

  6. Ram Kumar

    What a silly thought.You wont win medals because you are not eating meat !!!! Huh…. One of vegetarian wrestler from India got silver medal in this olympics 2012. Even wrestler was able to get silver medal, why not in other games without your so called MEAT… Whoever participates in the olympics would not have been invited for namesake. Only those who qualified for that sport will be allowed to participate. As an indian, i can say clearly the mentality of people for allowing children to sports

  7. Code Holic

    Correction. They are not dedicated to any sports that aren’t hockey or cricket. 😉

  8. ryan genes

    the reason why indians dont win so many medals like china are simple
    1 indians dont eat meat
    2indians are not dedicated to their sports

  9. Stanley7566

    She has proved that Indian women are not to be confined to the kitchen, they can make India proud. They are the real hero of India!

  10. iliv4disc77

    World Class badminton is fun to watch. I wish ESPN would televise other badminton matches at least once or twice a month. The only time I get to watch this awesome sport on TV is once every four years during the Olympics. I do not care to watch Sports Center dozen times a day. Squeeze in some badminton and water polo matches once in a while. BTW, Saina Nehwal is a pretty cute player. I love cute female athletes. Forget the prissy chicks.

  11. Kadapa Kiran

    Zhang Ning very kool