Badminton Women’s Singles Group A – Korea v China Full Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games


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12 Responses to “Badminton Women’s Singles Group A – Korea v China Full Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games”

  1. badmintonjestsuper

    27:28 you must to see it!!! One rally in this boring match.

  2. spoony01428

    literally dont know what you said

  3. TwillyWuvsYogurt

    couldnt agree less

  4. Byron Williams

    Sad day for women’s badminton, or was it?

  5. honglawrence1

    They tot they r smart during the game.. only to find out they are stupid.

  6. tim988

    Obviously they both thought they wouldnt be good enough to beat the better teams . better to get them out. to much competition and pressure lol

  7. AlmostFamous173

    You’re absolutely right, they didn’t break *sporting* rules. They broke the most serious unspoken rule of them all, in the eyes of the IOC–that a whole bunch of those seats were given to their big sponsors, and those sponsors got ripped off by the athletes throwing the match. They broke the Olympic money rule.

  8. CaveWang

    Unfortunately this will be the lasting memory for badminton… terrible.

  9. gamebomber66

    Well if you think about it Olympic is all about going home with medals soo really they didn’t break the rules

  10. dlatriche


  11. Vincent Chen


  12. Vincent Chen

    Best match of the tournament ! Epic!