Badminton Olympics 2004 Gold Medal Final [Part 1 / 7]


Movie Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Badminton Olympics 2004 Gold Medal Final [Part 1 / 7]”

  1. FIrenze Renze

    FANTASTIC start of the game !!!!

  2. ahtat

    actually its 1/2 correct.. it actually depends on the country its hosted…
    u should check out the 2000 sydney finals. the crowd is crazy. i believe
    this year’s 08 beijing crowd will be crazy as well

  3. greatfungi

    i’d say it depends on your teammate’s balance. if they have good balance
    landing from the smash, they should be able to make it to the other corner
    without problems. with bad balance, however, they will struggle to make
    good use of the lifted shuttlecock. it COULD potentially be better if you
    went for it and your teammate took the fractionally longer time to go to
    the front court. discuss it with your partner!

  4. LaPerssonandro

    lol. Water Polo. Ahtat, you’re awesome! been looking for Badminton vids
    everywhere so I could pick up some pointers. Thanks for the vids. And yes,
    football is the most popular sport (european football… Known as soccer to
    some Aussies.

  5. monkwithpants

    water polo in america is for white people no offense

  6. togarthrxd12

    Taufik’s da best. period.

  7. bagelbites10

    actually badmin is the 2nd most played sport in the world

  8. highup3007

    will they ever change the 15 point system to 21 rally??… or did they
    already? haha.. im so not keeping up with the Olympic competitions.

  9. archron1234

    ur point?

  10. Mustacio

    lol i use to play this game in P.E wen i was in high school

  11. William Cheah

    its so sad those days not much ppl like badminton. so few ppl int he

  12. therealsolstice

    I love the audio on this vid. the mic they’re using to capture the sound of
    the shots is perrrrrrfect. it’s so hi-fi. you can hear every little nuance.
    it makes the smashes sound like thunder.

  13. CurlOrDie

    Same! Well, I used to, like, 2 years ago…

  14. Faucialone

    the smashes sound so sexy

  15. mWAZLIB

    Lee-Yong Dae’s and Jung Jae Sung’s coach Ha Tae Kwon <3

  16. lerianchan

    wats the 1st most popular sport???

  17. aznpersazn

    kim dong is my coach now in winter club lol

  18. squishyorange

    Great deception and placement!

  19. Nathaniel Legall

    Lookin forward to dis years Olympics in Beijing

  20. Matt Wu

    fast reflexes O.O

  21. Faith

    @Willster54321 oh umm.. Basketball players get the hot chicks in America.
    Not other countries.

  22. marr0w

    I thought it was football (soccer)

  23. Oompaalec

    because you touch yourself at night, me and andy would kick their asses

  24. bigholmes31

    It’s really the “obscure” sports, as I call them, that are the most
    exciting. That includes badminton, table tennis, handball, curling
    (winter), gymnastics. Love it!

  25. Darthimpervious

    If you know that your partner is going to the rear corner, you need to
    think fast. there are 2 options on what your partner is going to do; either
    attacking(drop, smash, drive) or defending (clear)- you must get ready for
    the next shot. when your partner defends, which is the usual shot played,
    go into the position side by side. when your partner attacks however, you
    should remain in the front getting ready for the pop up forced. Either one,
    you should react fast to it.