Badminton-How to Cover the full Court


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25 Responses to “Badminton-How to Cover the full Court”

  1. Francis Loh

    Hi coach Lee,
    I always learn something whenever I watch your videos.
    BTW can you give some instruction on how to improve the power of the clear.
    I always have problem and don’t seem to have enough power to send the
    shuttle to the back no matter how hard I try. I think I am missing
    something in my stroke – some technique I am not doing right or what. I
    turn my shoulders I swing as hard as I can, I try to use my wrist more etc
    but still don’t have enough power the clear to send the shuttle to the
    back.Most of the time I reach 3/4 court.

  2. Sze Qian Le

    isnt it troublesome to keep thinking about cross court and physically
    prepare for straight dhot?

  3. Harish Pala

    Hi Lee, How to like your all videos in one click. I like your all coaching

  4. Shaun Douglas

    wow very nice video very helpful i learned allot i was just wondering if
    there was any sort of techniques or workouts that i could be doing to help
    with my power any advice would be helpful thanks.

  5. pranav shah


  6. Ashley De Claremont

    that’s so amazing i had a problem with my moves in single and now this vid
    solved my problem !! thank you so so much !! 

  7. Steven Fung Fung

    OMG, thats a great lesson thank you very much

  8. Wicked Sid

    Sir i am a bigginer 19 years old. I appriciate the work you are doing by
    posting your training videos. I have learned a lot from them. I want to be
    a successful badminton player like you, sir.
    Sir you told that we shoul be ready for the straight back and across top
    corner…………but it is quite difficult for me…..i am not able to
    understand how to do it………….please guide me sir..

  9. Wahyu Ariyanto

    thank you for all your video lessons show, really helped me to deliver
    learning materials to students. (y)

  10. Neel Khare

    amazing you are just great and your coaching is exceptional and helps a

  11. Lbk thapa

    Good honorable coach no doubt where are you belong sir? I respect you too
    much sir

  12. badminton 123

    sir you are a great coach iam fat just of 13 i play badminton very well but
    i am not able to cover the court can you help me

  13. udaykiran chava

    Thanks a lot Coach Lee. Im improving my skills by watching your videos. It
    will be very helpful if you upload a video about Advanced deception and
    deceptive skills in this channel.

  14. Ajay Potnis

    Hi Coach Lee,
    Your videos are very good. Please contribute, your coaching is being used
    throughout the world.

    Not only your sport analysis is very good, but also the science behind it
    is CORRECT. Simplicity is embedded in your coaching.

  15. ChristofferJonsson

    daymn, all of the people you are teaching has an awful playing style. I
    don’t think that is right because of all the top players has a more fluent
    move. (in the upper shots like clear, smash)

  16. jatinder singh

    hi coach…. today i got a compliment from other player that i m improving
    very fast… for that i wana thank God n u as all the credits goes to
    Coach i have a problem… in between the match i start to play loose …. i
    mean i become lazy … and until i try to recover i get late n loose the
    game… this happens nearly in every game…..
    Wat should i do…
    God Bless

  17. Ravichandran Sandanam

    Dear Sir It is very important point i studied from you playing with mind,
    Thanks a lot.

  18. anushanth uthayakumar

    Thanks a lot honorable coach, I don’t have a couch, not a proper court.
    Still learning much from u sir and improving. I’ll practise it. Thanks-
    Medical student from
    Sri Lanka.


    sir u are awesome.! the place strategy really works.!

  20. Kevin Sajan

    sir, am 16 and plays quite well badminton and my coach says am full of
    tension while playin kindly help me by ur command

  21. vivek bhat

    hi sir…i m struggling in playing shots .can u help me

  22. Gopinath Baskaran

    This is one of the best videos i have ever seen on how to cover the full
    court. Thank you very much!! Add more videos pls.

  23. nonam72

    not easy to put your mind and body on opposite directions to cover both
    i will practice the technique and see if i can succeed. Sometimes it
    depends on the knowledge and weakness of the opponent to know where exactly
    he would to place from certain position :-)

  24. Pranjal Tripathi

    Thank u so much coach,My game improved to the extent.lots of love and
    respect from India.

  25. Basheer Kandi

    your coaching is really great.after watching your videos i am able to win
    many matches when playing with my friends.thank you very much.