Badminton at the Glasgow School of Sport – Part 1


Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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5 Responses to “Badminton at the Glasgow School of Sport – Part 1”

  1. striker119913

    i lov badmittin i am in a tournament at school and me and this girl are the last ones left and whoever win is the best girl badmittin player i can smash really good tooo!

  2. TouchTheCrazy

    I love badminton 🙂 this is a really nice video!

  3. 12simpleplan

    I can beat the first guy, but only if i dont try XD

  4. malayximus

    i would love to have a match with 1 of those boys
    especially the 1st boy on the video he look like a good
    opponent btw good video

  5. shiro120

    1step shadow movment? Lol if ur going to move like that yo be gasping for air during the first 5 mins of an actual game LOL fail coaching