2008 Beijing Olympics – Badminton – Women’s Singles Bronze Medal Match (Part 5 of 7)


Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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22 Responses to “2008 Beijing Olympics – Badminton – Women’s Singles Bronze Medal Match (Part 5 of 7)”

  1. pefcorse

    Il est pas bon

  2. tarentinoOB

    than ! super sport!

  3. Orangechapel

    nobody cares faggot

  4. valentin dupin

    super bien jouer vous ete fort

  5. Lucas Sousa

    lol, asian.

  6. jrshful kitty

    i love badminton!!
    i am a good player)!

  7. Mprator

    Looks better than tennis.

  8. Jamil Furqon

    are you shy because your hero is lose by maria?


  9. Jamil Furqon

    please upload the 6 n 7 part
    i want to see the full match

  10. patrysiopatti

    love you MKY…

  11. jolieluvie

    now i feel like playing mario vs. sonic in the olympics games……

  12. tenchufreak

    not alot of smashing and there wear alot of openings to do that :(

  13. Nintenjoey

    the court looks so small from this angle… they’re amazing!

  14. ToinksInLove

    @sweetdesserts your half correct hehehe. Women S, tends to serve high because they are not that fast to get to the back, however if a lady player still try to smash the birdie, its no where compare to mens power.

    Mens however refrain frm using clear serve bec, (Lin dan taufik lcw) are fast that they can always attack the ball which is a scary thing at first bec no rally is yet made so you will embrace the full out smash if ever you do hehehe. 🙂

  15. vickidickishmicki

    honestly they suck

  16. subhan277

    bagus maris..

  17. sweetdesserts

    i’m not sure why she gave the bird to him, but in women’s badminton, players tend to serve high because its more tiring for women to clear. if you watch men’s badminton, they serve short because they have the physical ability to move about the court without getting as tired…i think? 🙂

  18. graceyahnenti

    where is part 6 and 7,,
    please upload,,,,thankyou

  19. graceyahnenti

    where is part 6 and 7,,
    please upload,,,,

  20. Timothy Hsu

    They probably gave it to the judge or whatever you want to call the guy to check the shuttlecock. They dont want to be using broken or dying shuttlecocks now do they? 😛 and serving low is good but there are times when you dont really feel like serving it low so instead, you serve it high . Its best to either serve it low or high but not in between.

  21. tracyx11

    why did she giv the shuttlecock to the guy in the high chair and then he kinda checked it and gav it back and the other girl served? and why do they serve so high? we were taught to serve low… please help me i love playing and wanted to see what the olympics were like and i dont kno much about the rules lol :S

  22. rulytademez

    Yesss! Maria Kristin Yulianti won the game.
    Good job MKY….