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England Quits World Badminton Championships in India !!!!!

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2014 Canadian National – Final – MD – D. Ng / A. Liu vs P. Charron / A. Lau


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Killarney Wins City Title; Shrugs Off Complaints


The Killarney Cougars defeated Prince Wales of Walesmen by 7-4. With this win on May 9, the Killarney became Vancouver’s senior city champions. The Prince of Wales impressive record of only one lost in its past 21 matches fell to 21-2 as a result and stopped their championship streak at three. Experts believe that this win will boost confidence of the Killarney as they have earned a direct entry to the provincial championships while the Prince of Wales will have to compete at the Lower Mainland regional matches in order to get a provincial spot. Now it is time to see how the Prince of Wales performs in the next few matches to be at par with the Killarney Cougars.

But in the last year matches, the results were entirely different for the Prince of Wales. When the Killarneys had a confrontation with the Prince of Wales then the Walesmen won the match by 6-5. To get a place at the provincial level the Cougars then had to beat their cross town rivals. Finally, the Killarney finished fourth at the provincial level. But this year, the fans the followers of the Walesmen had to witness a heartbreaking show.

Last year the city final began very well for the Walesmen. There were better performances from the girls’ team as they won four double matches back to back giving the Walesmen a major boost. But similar high voltage show was missing from the boys’ squad as they failed to deliver in the crucial matches and the Killarneys won the last two matches of the tournament deciding the fate of the championship. Audience witnessed enough excitement in the matches between Killarney’s Law/Yee won the first set with a nail biting 21-19 finish. The long rallies already made both the teams exhausted and finally in the set second set Killarney’s gave up nine points.

Yonex BWF World Badminton Championships


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Around the World Badminton


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Samsun Başarı Koleji Badminton antrenmanı


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Badminton World badminton fast training Facebook


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